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Menso Alting International

ROC Menso Alting is a small Christian Vocational School with locations in Groningen and Zwolle, the Netherlands. We strive to facilitate high-class education to students in the fields of Economics, Health Care and Social Work.  Our motto is ‘Meet one another’, carried out in our values to be ambitious, involved and confronting, also when shaping our educational programs. We base our curriculum on Christian values, helping our students to grow in their God-given potential.

Authentic education

Both locations have approximately 800 students enrolled, which makes us the smallest vocational school in the Netherlands. Due to our size, we are capable of offering personal and authentic education, knowing our students well and assisting in a successful learning experience for every student. For the last ten years student reviews have placed us in the top 3 of vocational schools in the Netherlands.


Internationalisation lies at the heart of our organisation, recognising the value of  intercultural experience and time spent abroad for those students that undertake international work placements or take part in international programs. We continue to seek partnerships with international schools and organisations to expand our network.

More information

For more information regarding international cooperation, please contact mr. Erik Janssen: ejanssen@mensoalting.net